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Swayamsiddha Mahila Mandal Latur herein after referred in short as SMM for brevity was founded in 1996 in Latur & was registered under Societies Registration Act & Public Trust Act.

SMM was founded by Adv. Mrs. Smita Sharadchandra Parchure, who happened to be 1st lady advocate of Latur district and had worked as advocate since year 1976 to 1982 and thereafter was not practicing as advocate but dedicated herself for cause of poor women. After the disastrous earthquake of year 1993 in Latur district, Mrs. Parchure and her like minded friends solemnly commenced activity to help affected women in distress and sensed to establish a trust to help needy women and their dependant children on permanent basis. Thus SMM was thus established on 15th Feb. 1996.

SMM was formed with the aim of helping women in distress to generate awareness in the issues of women & children and to empower orphan girls below poverty line & women in distress.


About the change you are striving to see

The Backbone of SMM’s activities is based on doctrines like Self Confidence, Swadhar, Independence, equality & respect for girls, women & culture.

The Focus is clearly on development of the downtrodden women facing problems, orphan children, and neediest section of poor people including rural/urban sector of communities helping them to help themselves.

There are many institutions devoted for specific social cause and aspects like HIV affected, Trafficked persons, Dumb & blinds, Leprosy, unemployed etc.

However to specify in short that our institution has concentrated on problems relating to (Domestic) women in distress & their dependant children &/or poor orphan girl children below poverty line.

Recently SMM has started papad udyog, roti-subji center, agro works and allied works to provide employment to functioning hands of women in distress i.e. a step towards women empowerment.

Now institution has entered 23rd year wef 15th Feb. 2018 & is ready for larger noble work.


SMM 1st leading in Maharashtra State :- Our institution is in leading position so far in Maharashtra state to work in aspects of Protection of women from Domestic violence Act 2005.

We have launched many cases that arrives to maximum efforts in Maharashtra state as compared to other districts and got relief in almost 15% cases while 30% are pending in courts & however we are successful in solving almost 55% of cases by out of court settlements with the help of mutual negotiations under proper counseling.

SMM is recognized as “Service Provider Institution” by Govt. of Maharashtra state WCD dept.

Time frame- Almost 44% cases solved within 3 months, 21% in 3 to 6 months, 10% in 6 to 9 months, 7% 9 to 12 months, more than 1 year- 18%.

SMM handles 32 types of cases, and imparts 30 types of help from time to time to needy women or orphan girls.

Age wise- %- 0 to 6 -13%, 7 to 13- 4%, 14 to 21-19%, 22 to 30-43%, 31 to 40- 16% and above 40-5%. Area wise- SMM has covered cases from 34 districts in Maharashtra state and few districts adjacent like border districts from Gujrath, Karnataka, Andhra, Goa states

Caste wise- Open 49%, SC 23%, OBC 12%, Other 16% This clearly indicates vast compass of dedicated works done by SMM.



1) SMM handles cases of domestic women in distress and orphan girls below poverty line having single parent or no parent

2) When a case approaches to authorized centers of SMM like WCC, CHC, FCC or Swadhar, Balsadan etc or through social noble persons printed forms with minutest details got filled in. 

3) Notice is sent to opponent to appear and file his/her say. If not responded reminders sent. Else police dept. requested to pursue.

4) When say of both parties are deeply considered a joint meeting is invited. 

5) Matter get resolved then and there only

6) Else suitable action is moved or legal actions taken 

7) Until proper relief is sought matter is incurred with incessant follow up

8) Good success is expected in lot more cases owing to negotiation skill, treasure of information and technology, digital ultramodern approach, handy and user friendly software support, soft approach towards amicable settlement and help is sought from various corners to resolve matter smoothly 

9) Success rate is extraordinary owing to full support from police, revenue, administration, WCD dept, other NGOs, social workers, judiciary and what not till reached to GOAL. Recently women empowerment, training and up gradation is also taken care of.


SMM is blessed with a Team of 40 members, continuously expanding.



Our Institution owns properties at P-69, MIDC, Latur,21/p at MIDC Latur, Tilak hall at Latur and dead stock etc having fair market valuation as on 15-8-2018 is worth over INR 150 Lakhs.








S M Parchure & Associates: