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Swayamsiddha Mahila Mandal Latur herein after referred in short as SMM for brevity was founded in 1996 in Latur & was registered under public Trust Act & Societies Registration Act. SMM was founded by Adv. Mrs Smita Sharadchandra Parchure who happened to be 1st lady advocate of Latur district and had worked since year 1976 to 1996 for cause of poor women. After the disastrous earthquake of year 1993 Mrs. Parchure and her like minded friends solemnly worked to help affected women and sensed to establish a trust to help needy women and their dependent children on permanent basis and thus SMM was established in year 1996.

SMM was formed with the aim of helping women and children in distress and to generate awareness in the issues of women & Children and to empower girls &women. SMM believes that integral development of society is not possible without equal opportunities of participation & rights for girls & women in Socio-economic, political& legal Scenario. The Backbone of SMM’s activities is based on three things that is normal Self Confidence, Swadhar, independence, equality & respect for culture.


स्वयंसिद्धा महिला मंडळ सद्य स्थिती दिनांक: 01/05/2024

उपक्रम                            संख्या        Running Cases    

महिला व बाल सहायता कक्ष                     3092        28
कुटुम्ब सल्ला केन्द्र                                2469          9
महिला समुपदेशन केन्द्र                          1542          2
स्वाधार (३१.१२.२०२१ पासून बंद)                816

गोकुळ बाल सदन                                  329         32

अल्प मुदती निवास गृह(२६जुलै२० पासून बंद) 715

नंदनवन पाळणाघर                                 282
बालजगत पाळणाघर                               261
संयोग वधुवर सूचक मंडळ                        230
एकूण केसेस                                       9736
बंद केसेस                                            347
चालू केसेस                                            71          71
सोडवलेल्या केसेस                                9318

लातूर जिल्हाधिकारी येथे कोविड-१९ समुपदेशन कक्ष दिनांक 01-02-2021 पासून बंद झालेले पुन्हा 01-04-2021 पासून  चालू 

दिनांक १-४-२० ते ३१-१-२०२१ कालावधीतील केसेस
शाहूराज भोसले १९८१५
सुवर्णा जाधव १७३७७
एकूण समुपदेशन केसेस ३७१९२
दिनांक १-४-२१ ते ३०-10-२०२१ कालावधीतील केसेस
शाहूराज भोसले 7916
सुवर्णा जाधव 8646
एकूण समुपदेशन केसेस 16562
दिनांक 01-01-22 ते 24-02-22 कालावधीतील केसेस
शाहूराज भोसले 4087
सुवर्णा जाधव 4085
एकूण समुपदेशन केसेस 8172

ठोकळ समुपदेशन केसेस 61926

Residential Shelter home

Counseling centers

Awareness programmes

Others activities



On 21st Mar.2002, our Institution is awarded by NCW, New Delhi for best commendable dedicated social work & ‘outstanding contribution for cause of women’ at the auspicious hands of then Central minister WCD at New Delhi.


Adv. Mrs. Smita S.Parchure, Chairperson of our institution is awarded Special award from Jagruti mahila mandal in year 2003 and from vanashri mitra mandal Latur in year 2004. 

Marathwada mahila bhushan Puraskar – 2006 on 10th Feb.2007 at the auspicious hands of Hon.’ble Sunetra Oak writer & poet, at Aurangabad, Sahitya yatri award from All India radio Parbhani center, on 3rd Jan.2008.

Nitin Gadkari
(Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India)

Addressing the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Swayamsiddha Mahila Mandal, Latur

Smt.Sumitra Mahajan

(Former Speaker of the Lok Sabha)

Addressing the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Swayamsiddha Mahila Mandal, Latur